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    “They’ll never have a clue.” said the man in black. William McIntyre looked at Fiske suspiciously. He opened his mouth to say something. But failed, and shut it again. William cautiously picked up the will and handed it to Fiske. Fiske tugged at the will, William didn’t let go. “Are you sure?” William asked. Fiske nodded. Although he wasn’t sure at all, all he knew is that Grace was, and he had to trust her. William let go, and walked swiftly out of the room. Shutting the door behind him. Leaving Fiske to mourn his dead sister. Out of all Fiske’s life, Grace was the only one who understood, he didn’t have a mother to care for him, and his father; James Cahill had fled for the hunt, the war, and the loss of his wife. His own sister; Beatric…

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