Thalia Grace

Uh, Hai. I'm Stella. I could just put my writing assignment here... okay I'm doing that. I'm putting the first chapter of my fanfic here.

Roleplay exampleEdit

My name is Stella. I am a Cahill. I f you don't know what a Cahill is, I envy you. Other Cahills have tried to kill me twice now. If you too are in the clue hunt, you understand what i mean. Oh right, if you aren't, this is fantasy. No truth to it. At all. If you chose to belive me, read on...

Name:Stella Skyfinder

Age:10 Gender:Female Eyes:Turquoise Hair:Black, blue streaks Height:average? Body Type:normal Skin Color:pale Branch:Ekaterina, half janus Country of Origin:Usa Pets:Cat named Otis. Talents:Singing, dancing, Anything involing using her brain Flaws:Has a slight addiction to cotton candy( she keeps an emergency bag of it in her pocket), Overly friendly, and scared of spiders Any notes about your characters:She likes cotton candy.