About HerEdit

Roselle C. Takashi is an 11 year old Ekaterina girl. She has famous Ekat parents and is used to a life of the latest gadgets and a surplus of money. She used to attend the Cahill Boarding School. Roselle currently hates Allistair Oh for convincing her parents to bring her into the Clue Hunt. Roselle also wears yellow contacts and she has silky black hair and pale-ish skin.


Artist's Note: I suck at drawing hands. Sorry for the darkness.


Roselle, as a famous daughter in the Cahill world, is targeted by some outsiders. She is a target for information about the Clues. At her former boarding school, she met fellow Ekat, Andie Kosara and quickly became friends with her.

In the Hunt:Edit

Roselle's specialties are stealth, charm, and weapons. She knows 42 and a 1/2 ways to kill a person, but normally doesn't use them. She is friendly but also is rather determined to prove herself and can come off as rude. Roselle also currently has 25 out of 39 clues, most of them, however not on her person.