Welcome to Project Info! This project is a team of information-gatherers and page-managers. We're looking for skilled Wiki coders, but all are welcome!


Leader - HeroineHiding

Second-in-command - Tanglepool96

Senior Agents -

Agents -

Trainee-Agents -


If you'd like to join the project, just leave a message on the talk page! We're willing to accept whoever is willing to join!

We'd like people to join who either know a lot about The 39 Clues, or about Wiki coding.

Project Info deals with making sure RP entries don't get out of hand, and making sure that the pages are managed neatly. This includes -

  • Linking pages appropriately
  • Cleaning up any mistakes
  • Marking pages for deletion
  • Correcting coding errors

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the leader or the second-in-command of this project!