Welcome to Project Agent Training!

This is where experienced users can 'adopt' newer users, and help them get the feel of the wiki.


Leader - Agent WindFire

Second-in-Command - Moon

Trainers - HeroineHiding,

Trainees - Glarer1234,


To become a Trainer, you must have at least 40 contributive edits. 'Contributive' means edits on Main, Talk, 39 Clues Roleplay Wiki, 39 Clues Roleplay Wiki talk, Template, or Template talk. You can check your Editcount to see if you qualify.

To request to become a trainer, please leave a message on the Project's talk page.

A trainer may have only one trainee at a time.

To become a Trainee, all you have to do is post a message on the Project's talk page requesting a trainer, and what skills you would like to learn in specific. If you have a certain person in mind, you may request them.

Trainers & Trainees

Trainers Trainees
Agent WindFire None
Moon None
HeroineHiding Glarer1234
None None
None None
None None
None None
None None
None None

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