After getting together your courage, you set off for where you're guessing you'll find a hint

You overheard two kids talking, back at Grace's mansion. They said something about Benjamin Franklin, and suddenly, everything clicked.

Richard S____ = Benjamin Franklin.

So, it was old Ben all along. A ruthless Lucian, but - as you hear - one that turned against his branch leadership. It sounds a little fishy... But who knows? Maybe you're on to something.

Page ListEdit

After you've found Benjamin Franklin's clue, you're ready to set off on your own!

Create your own page. Title it with the location you're in during that segment of your story. Put a summary on the main page, and just use the same system we use on our story segment pages.

For example, if I was going to take my character, Kenzie, to Jamacia, I would create a new page, and call it "Jamacia". Then, on the article page, I'd write something along the lines of, "You've just foud out there's an important clue in the tropical area of Jamacia. Unlike most people, you're not going there to get a tan, or to enjoy the sights..."

After you've finished this, create your own pages. List them in bullet point form, underneath this part of the article. That way, other clue-hunters will be able to go where you go, and follow in the footsteps of their Cahill ancestors.

New Clue Locations -Edit