Nicholas "Nick" B. Carter


John Carter - Father (Deceased)

Died when Madrigals killed him in his basement lab recreating the Master Serum

Andrea Carter - Mother (Unknown)

Ran Away because she lost her husband in this hunt

Drake Carter - Brother (Age: 11)

Dosen't really care about the hunt so he keeps a usual life

Julia Crystal - Babysitter (Age: 21)

Mother hired her before she ran away




17 Years Old

Appearance Edit

Skin Tone: A little Tan

Hair: Brown

'Clothing: 'Hoodie or Overcoat, Jeans, Black Shirt, Rubber Shoes

Height: 5' 7


He is a little mean sometimes but he usually goes crazy when anyone enters his room, so that is why he installed a security system at the door and windows. He loves World History, World Geography, Physics and Math. Usually hate being with groups unless they're working on his weakness. Quiet most of the time unless needed to.


  • He is a Code-Braker
  • He is outstanding at Spying
  • He is good at Interrogating
  • He is good at making people unconsious

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