Ivory Polyhymnia Collins-Morningstar




17 (in 2011)


Ivy looks most like her mother, with her long curly reddish-brown hair, blue-green eyes, tanned skin, and freckles splattered across her nose. She doesn't care for fashion and dresses to her own taste.


Ivy is clumsy and bad at lying, and fails at science, sports, and the arts so that her classmates have now taken to teasing her that she's 'talent-less'. But that's not really true, since she can write pretty well and she can run fast too. She can be very stubborn as a rock, and if necessary will rebel, though she isn't much of a troublemaker unlike her brother Max.


Ivy has the blood of all the original Cahill siblings, but she (seemingly and surprisingly) has none of their abilities. Her parents, Rowena Morningstar and Thomas Vesper-Collins, died on the night Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent died and in Boston too. She has two younger siblings, Anastasia Lillian Morningstar (born in 1996) and Maximilian Lucas Morningstar (born in 1997).