Ivy's First Mission:Edit

Ivy panted as she slowed down to a stop in front of a museum. She rummaged for her sunglasses in her backpack, then quickly put them on, frowning up at the museum's name. SENNARI HOUSE, it read. So this must be my destination, she thought. But what am I going to find in some boring ol' museum?

Then she staggered up the steps as she squinted at the people around her, chatting, shouting, and whispering in different languages. Just as she was about to step in the museum, she heard hushed words that seemed to ring in her ears:

"That's right - I heard that the L found it. . ."

"But isn't this controlled by that git Oh and his, er, yes, minions?"

"I'm not sure - but we know they sent Kosara (and I mean Teodora) to intercept it, and that she nearly succeeded if not for that insufferable Marapao from the J, whom the L agent transporting it had formed a temporary alliance with. . ."

Ivy froze. She swivelled her head, quickly scanning the crowd for anyone who looked suspicious. None of them did, but she saw two muscular men whose dark outfits stood out from the rest; they must be Tomas, she thought disgustedly. It was too much to be a coincidence. Sent by Ivan Kleister to find the Egyptian Clue. And now, somehow, the Lucians found it. . . there's no hope anymore. . .

Even Teodora Kosara, supposedly one of the best field agents of the Ekats and with whom she got acquainted last Christmas, had failed in this mission. It must have been one big blow for the Ekaterinas.

She closed her green eyes, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes again. What if the Tomas agents standing near the entrance were decoys? What if they had been lying so that no other Cahill agents would go near the Ekat stronghold where the Clue was hidden and the Lucians never found it all? She took a deep breath again and then stared up at the blue sky and its shifing fluffy-white clouds.

I'm doing this for you, Mom and Dad, she thought. I'm ready for the Clue Hunt now.


Part 2 of "Ivy's First Mission": Coming Soon. . .