Basic KnowledgeEdit

Branch: Janus/Ekaterina (father was Ekat, mother was Janus)

Age: 13

Birthday: December 3 (I swear that isn't my real birthday, my real one is November 7)

Background and PersonalityEdit

Aurelia is an orphan, like Amy and Dan. She lived with her sister, who is 24, but is now searching for clues in the clue hunt. She is adventurous, but absolutely hates the sight of bugs. Screams a lot, and is extremely stubborn. Very annoying at times.


She has light brown hair, has Japanese features (NO I AM NOT JAPANESE, I JUST LIKE JAPANESE FOOD- AND DON"T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT SUSHI) but looks more Canadian (YES, I AM CANADIAN) and is usually wearing jeans or leggings. Likes Converse sneakers (don't we all?) and is also usually wearing at least one Silly Band.


She likes listening to Avril Lavigne, La Roux and Owl City (I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I COULDN'T HELP IT) and can work in a group, and will only trust a person completely if they have done something to make her trust him/her (save her life?). Generally, Aurelia will be very annoying to a person once they annoy her.